Massage Kelowna

Source – massage therapy has been in practice for many centuries and today, there are more than eighty massage styles involving a variety of movements, techniques, and pressures. All styles of massage therapy involve rubbing, pressing, and manipulating muscles and other tissues by using the hands and fingers. Sometimes even elbows, forearms, and feet are also used.

People pick massage therapy for various reasons. While some do it to get relief from symptoms, others do it to heal injuries. Massage therapy not only helps with certain health issues, but it also promotes overall wellness of the body.

Which Massage Style to Choose

Different styles of massage therapy gain popularity among the people at different times. You may have heard about a massage style and wondered whether it was just a passing trend or a great massage technique. With so many styles offered, it’s hard to pick which massage style will help you. Styles used in massage therapy vary greatly. While some rely on smooth and long strokes, others prefer percussive and short strokes. While some massage therapists prefer the use of lotions and oils, others not so much. Most massage therapists ask their clients to unclothe, but some others can massage with the clothes on. A massage can last for just five minutes to up to two hours.

Before you pick out your ideal massage style, you should ask yourself a question: do you need a massage for stress control and relaxation or do you need it for a certain health condition or symptom relief?

Before you book your massage, make sure you let your massage therapist know what you need and ask about the style that the therapist will use. Some therapists use multiple styles and may be willing to customize your massage in case you have any special needs or condition.

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

All styles of massage offer benefits other than just relaxation. These are just some of the health issues that can be improved or treated with massage therapy.

Back Pain
Multiple studies have proven the effectiveness of massage therapy when it comes to back pain. One study also showed that massage therapy worked better than spinal modification or acupuncture for persistent back pain and reduced the need for painkillers by up to 36%.

Headaches also respond positively to massage therapy, and they are helpful for people suffering from a migraine. Massage therapy not only reduces the frequency of migraines, but it also improves one’s sleep.

A Swedish massage is especially effective for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis. A study showed that patients receiving a one-hour Swedish massage once or twice a week experienced improvements in terms of pain, stiffness and function.

Massage therapy is used along with the traditional Western medicine. It can provide relaxation and reduce the side effects of the illness as well as cancer treatment. It helps reduce pain, fatigue, swelling, nausea or depression. Massage therapy also improves your immune system.

A massage is helpful in relieving anxiety and depression as it can lower the cortisol levels by 50%.